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SwissLas   Article no. : PC-22000RGB-CB


Compact and powerful RGB laser projector, especially suited for professional use in clubs or on openair, where high performance and good visibility are desired.

EUR 9900,00 / pcs.
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available: 3 weeks
(plus VAT)

SwissLas Pure Compact 22000 RGB Club Beam 



- Swiss Made Pure Diode RGB Full-color laser projector with larger projection beam for even better visibility in fog and medium power at the best price

- Fast graphical scanner with built-in safety electronics

- Extremely compact design

- All important settings are possible directly on the projector without a display

- Interlock (emergency stop) via ILDA or current, therefore no additional cable necessary

- External power supply (no heating in the housing and easy exchange for the customer)

- Perfect laser module stability, therefore no direct adjustment option for the color convergence from outside the projector necessary

The SwissLas Pure Compact 22000 RGB Club Beam (CB) Laser Projector offers a very high visibility of the beams in the fog at shorter projection distances thanks to its pure laser diode technology and the slightly higher divergence. The laser show thus becomes safer and the SwissLas laser projector can be installed with smaller minimum distances than a Low Divergence device of the same type


The built-in scanners are, as with all our devices, fully graphical. Therefore graphics can be projected with this device. For pure graphics applications, however, we recommend a device from the "Low Divergence" series.


The projector is manufactured in Switzerland. We use the best possible components for production, which are produced mainly for us. The long-term partnerships with our suppliers are equally important for the success of our projectors.


The black anodized aluminum housing is extremely compact, simple and practical. Service work can be carried out effortlessly and quickly, since the cover is fastened with only 4 screws and the side elements are immediately removed without tools if necessary. Nevertheless, this housing fully protects the installed components against contamination and the massive heat sink ensures good heat dissipation and exemplary stability.

Deep transport costs to you and then in use due to the small dimensions and the low weight are further advantages of this series.


Rubber feet provide good grip at the bottom for the installation of the laser projector. The adjustable aluminum bracket allows you to hang it up on a beam, ceiling or tripod.


The power supply was deliberately held externally. The advantages speak for themselves; the projector heating could thus be reduced to a minimum, which significantly increases the life of the projector; and if a power supply fails, you can easily replace it without sending the projector and even carry it with you as a replacement.


At the back, there are five potentiometers, next to the ILDA connections, the key switch and low voltage connection.

Three of these can be used directly for the performance limitation or fine adjustment of the individual colors resp. for white balance.

With the other two potentiometers, the X and Y axes can be adjusted infinitely to the desired size and orientation (e.g. mirror-inverted).

By means of three LEDs directly next to it, a read-out of the operating status is possible at a glance.

We have deliberately refrained from an interactive display, since this cannot usually be read and operated on the traverse.


To ensure safety in the event of a galvanometer-scanner-unit failure, they are monitored by an internal protective circuit. This is two-stage and can be adjusted as necessary in such a way that standing rays are possible or blocked.


The built-in SwissLas laser modules and the associated electronics have been further refined over the years. We keep the exterior of the projectors deliberately simple and do without annual, useless design changes which offer no technical advantages.






Total power typical:

22.0 W

Guaranteed power at aperture:

20.0 W

Data Laser Red:

4500 mW / 638 nm

Data Laser Green:

6000 mW / 520 nm

Data Laser Blue:

12000 mW / 450 nm

Beamprofile at aperture:

≈ 4 mm

Divergence (full angle):

Ø 1.5 mrad 

Laser Source:


Laser Class:


Operation Modes:

ILDA; optional DMX, LAN, SD-card


40kpps ILDA

Scan Angle max.:



external Power Supply, Allen key, Power cord, operations manual

Power Supply:

PSU 24V DC 220 Watt for 100-240V AC 50/60Hz

Power Consumption max.:

220 W

Dimensions without bracket:

260/260/170 mm


11 kg

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