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RayComposer   Article no. : IntNet


The RayComposer NET interface is a laser display output hardware (DAC) with LAN interface. It translates the digital network data of your computer into analog voltages to control the laser projector.

EUR 251,00 / pcs.
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DMX-Breakout adapter cable:


- Highest performance (latest hardware)

- 16bit resolution XY and 6 by 12bit resolution for the colors

- Stand Alone-Modus (Player-Function)

- SD-Cardboard

- DMX Input & Output

- IPv6 Support

- Power Over Ethernet (PoE) already integrated

- USB High-Speed Interface


RayComposer NET


RayComposer NET is a laser show DAC with Ethernet LAN and USB interface. It translate the digital data sent over the network into analog voltages to control a laser projector.

Ethernet LAN enables you to use much longer cable runs without problems caused by analog signal loss or distortion. Ethernet signals can be distributed easily with network switches. So instead of pulling a long ILDA cable for each laser projector from your control computer to the stage, you can use a single Ethernet cable and  then use network switches on stage to distribute the signal. The "last mile" the analog signal needs to travel can be made rather short - we ship a 50cm black ILDA cable with the device.


Ready for the Internet of Things


RayComposer NET supports IPv6, the newest version of the internet protocol, which currently sees increasing adoption on the internet, because IPv4 address space is exhausted and no more addresses can be assigned. The limited address range of IPv4 (currently) is not an issue when addressing laser projectors in a LAN. More interestingly, IPv6 adds a new addressing mode which allows device in the LAN to directly communicated with each without any prior setup. This allows us to bring true Plug&Play functionality, as known from our USB device, to our LAN device as well. Most users will never have to think about IP address at all.


IPv4 is of course supported as well and can be used with automatic configuration by DHCP or AutoIP as well as manual configuration.


Flexible Powering Options




RayComposer NET can source its power from the LAN interface as well. To accomplish this RayComposer NET is fully compliant to the Power-Over-Ethernet specification 802.3af and can therefore be used with all PoE-capable network switches or power injectors. This will free you from the need to place wall-wart power supplies at awkward locations, like on a tripod or between trussing next to your laser projector.

The USB port can be used as well to power the device - directly from a Laptop or a USB power supply.


USB High-Speed



Additional to the LAN interface RayComposer NET alsow has a USB high speed interface with 480 MB/s data transfer rate. Data can be transferred over this interface even faster then over LAN. The USB interface can be used on Windows, Mac OS and Linux without prior driver installation. All functions available on the LAN interface can also be used over USB.



Web-Interface for easy configurations


RayComposer NET offers a responsive Web Interface, that can be used from mobile device like the iPohne as well , to configure device settings or to display the current system state. This is much more convenient then making settings directly at the device, which, on the job, is often mounted in hardly accessible locations


Laser-Entertainment without Computer


RayComposer NET can also be used without a controlling computer. It is equipped with a microSD card socket to play laser show files. Playback can be controlled locally, through DMX, ArtNET, sACN, or OSC.


DMX-512 Input & Output

RayComposer NET also acts as a DMX interface. It can received DMX signals as well as send DMX.

RayComposer NET implements the common ArtNET protocol as well as the newly standardized scan protocol for sending and receiving DMX over LAN.

- RayComposer NET Interface

- Software (save to Interface)

- microSD Card 4GB

- USB-Cable

- ILDA-Cable black 0.5m



Resolution XY:

16 Bit (65536 x 65536 pixel)

Color Channels:

6 Channels with 12 Bit High Dynamic Range, ISP Signals: Red, Green, Blue, Intensity/ Yellow, Cyan, Magenta

Sampling Rate:

1 - 200000 Hz

Maximum Frame Size (Points):



actively controlled Shutter-Signal


802.3u 10/ 100MBps Ethernet with Auto-MDIX


USB 2.0 High-Speed (480 MBps), compatible to USB 1 und USB 3 Ports as well


300MHz floating point-DSP


micro SD memory socket, UHS-1 capable; 4GB memory card included

Connections via adapter:

DMX512-Input, RDM-capable 
DMX512-Output, RDM-capable


Windows, Linux, Mac OS; open API, compatible with third party software as well

Power Supply:

via USB oder Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE)


93/69/24 mm


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